Magical Harry Potter Table Decor Ideas For Your Next Party
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Magical Harry Potter Table Decor Ideas For Your Next Party

I love themed parties for the simple reason that they guide you on the colors, design and party favors. Harry Potter is an extremely popular party theme and it’s not surprising. When I was planning my son’s Harry Potter-themed party, I was blown away by all the amazing table decor ideas.

It’s an easy theme to put together and make look impressive and there are so many different ways you can do that. I’ve put together the full spectrum of inspiration from DIY parties to fancy party planner ones.

Transform your next party into a magical event worthy of Hogwarts with these fun and creative Harry Potter table decor ideas. Whether you’re hosting a kid’s birthday party, a wedding, a bridal shower or a baby shower, there’s an idea for everyone!

1. Hogwarts Table

If you’re looking to impress a crowd, this tablescape is the one for you. It has a black, red a yellow color scheme along with the 4 Hogwarts House flags hanging from the wall.

It’s a fabulous table decor but for me, it’s the foam brick wall backdrop that steals the show and the best part is that it’s affordable and available on Amazon! Add some old-fashioned streetlights to complete the look!

2. Castle Backdrop

Whether you’re laying out a dessert table or a dinner table, you can spice it up with a Hogwarts backdrop and cut-outs of your favorite Harry Potter characters.

3. Great Hall Feast

Looking for a classy party design? Look no further than this Great Hall Feast. With breathtaking hanging greenery and a sophisticated blend of black and natural decor, it creates a magical atmosphere.

Add a charming touch by placing a Hogwarts cloak on each chair and a wand on every placemat for your guests.

4. Harry Potter Christmas Tea

Make the most magical time of year even more magical with a Harry Potter-themed table. Keep the Christmas touch by sticking to a red and gold color scheme.

Add Harry Potter details like wands and a Marauder’s Map cloth napkin on each seat to complete the look. Check out more Christmas Table Decor Ideas!

5. Platform 9 3/4s

If you’re looking for a simple table decor but want a wow factor, opt for an impressive backdrop which in this case is a brick wall of Platform 9 3/4. Since the backdrop is such a statement, the table decor can be simple, yet still elegant.

Add cute touches like Harry’s glasses and mini broomsticks to complete the Harry Potter party.

6. Magical Picnic

If the weather is on your side, a picnic tea party is a really fun way to celebrate. The coloring of this party makes it ideal for fall time, with the rusty colored leaves and brown and orange color scheme.

Add a touch of Harry Potter with wands on each place and large lit-up letters spelling Magic.

7. DIY Tablescape

This DIY tablescape makes a great choice for a kid’s birthday party. With its Gryffindor colors or bhurgandy and yellow, it’s easy to put together.

Decorate the table with red twigs, burgundy chargers and burgundy napkins. Add cute Harry Potter touches like a golden snitch at each place and print the Gryffindor scarf for a napkin ring.

For the centrepiece, you can opt for a customized cake if it’s in your budget. A more affordable option is a tiered cake stand in the Griffindor colors.

8. Kid-Friendly Tablescape

Suitable for all ages, a Harry Potter party theme works for younger kids too and it’s super easy to put together. Lay the table with Harry Potter plates, cups and napkins. Add glasses and a wand to complete each table setting. It’s affordable, cute and effective!

Check out these adorable DIY broomstick snacks that make a fun activity for a kid’s Harry Potter party.

9. Slytherin Inspired

For the Slytherin lover, decorate your table in striking yellow and black. If it’s a large party with more than one table, opt for different colors on each table, representing the different houses.

10. Great Hall Tablescape

Recreate the Great Hall with long wooden tables, soaring owls, giant golden snitches, and other magical touches. Complete the magical vibe by laying the table with Harry Potter-themed placemats, rustic menus, and decorative potion bottles.

11. Candelabras Galore

Candles have an instant magical feel to them making them ideal for decorating a Harry Potter themed party. Decorate the tables with gold candleabras and candlesticks, along with ornate gold chargers and bhurgany napkins to get the look.

This tablescape is perfect for teens aiming to impress their friends! It’s elegant and truly a showstopper, creating an unforgettable magical experience.

12. Wonderful Wands

For a younger group, these customized accessories are all you need to create a fabulous party. Customize the placemat, water bottle, vase and napkin to get this cute party table.

13. House Seat Tablescape

An easy, yet effective table decor is to use table runners the wrong way to create the colors of Hogwarts. Use matching plates that have the 4 Hogwarts Houses on them to create this fun look.

14. Harry Potter Shower

Create a more subtle Harry Potter effect with this beautiful tablescape. Made for a baby shower, it has all the class and elegance you could want. bring in little details like a wand on each place and Harry Potter inspired nameplaces.

15. Floating Candles Decor

Floating candles are all your need to make a dinner party magical. Pair it with some flying Hedwigs and everyone will be able to guess the theme. Sometimes all you need are some little touches to make a theme!

16. Rustic Potter Theme

Go all out with this rustic-inspired Potter party theme. Hang Hogwarts streamers from the ceiling and decorate the tables with wizard books and sorting hats.

17. The Daily Prophet Edition

The Daily Prophet Edition

This is another fab DIY party. For the centerpeices wrap tons of boxes, label them in Harry Potter stickers and bundle them together for a really cute effect.

Continue the neutral theme by placing a Daily Prophet at each guest’s place setting. Take it one step further by customizing the newspaper for the guest of honor, adding a personal touch.

18. Hermione Inspired Party

Hermione Inspired Party

For the girl who loves Harry Potter but wants a girly party, decorate the table in honor of Hermione and use colors like purple and gold.

19. Happy Potter Tepees

Happy Potter Tepees

Tepees are a really cute way to set up a slumber party. Get tepees in the color scheme of Harry Potter and add you own Pottery touches like Harry Pillows and lightning lamps.

20. Potter Inspired Wedding

A Harry Potter-themed event is not limited to birthday parties, nope, you can even create a Potter-inspired wedding! This wedding managed to have Harry Potter fun while still keeping the wedding elegant with rustic vibes. If you love rustic decor, check out these rustic wedding ideas.

Use colors inspired by Harry Potter and add small touches to the food, menu cards and name places to get the feel of the theme.

21. Harry Potter Feast

This Harry Potter feast is ideal for all ages, adults and kids alike. The inspiration for the party came from Malfoy and they smartly matched the tablecloth, flowers and accessories to Malfoy’s coloring. Check out the link below the image to learn how to ace this party!

22. Magical Wedding

Magical Wedding

This is another tablescape that proves a Harry Potter-themed wedding can be glamorous. Keep the color scheme simple and white and add Potter accessories, like a golden snitch in a cage, wands and Harry Potter table names such as, Diagon Alley.

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My Thoughts

There are so many different fun and creative ways to make a Harry Potter-themed party. With these ideas, you can craft a party atmosphere that is both elegant and entertaining, perfect for leaving guests of all ages spellbound.

Mix and match ideas from here, or put together your own from these inspiring ones.

Not sure if a Harry Potter party is the theme you want? Check out some other party theme ideas like a Lego Party and a Unicorn Party.

Sarah xx

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