25 Fabulous Unicorn-Themed Party Ideas For A Magical Time
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25 Fabulous Unicorn-Themed Party Ideas For A Magical Time

Unicorns are a favorite party theme for kids and it’s easy to see why. From their gorgeous and magical colors to the many different decorating ideas, there are glamorous options as well as affordable ones. It’s an easy theme to look impressive and is suitable for all children’s ages.

I’ve put together some of the best unicorn decor and tablescaping ideas to transform your unicorn party into a magical haven. From budget and DIY ideas to extravagant luxury ones, wow everyone with these stunning unicorn party ideas! Follow on with these fun unicorn-themed game ideas.

1. Pastel Dreams

Has your child dreamt of a show-stopping unicorn display? This pastel-colored unicorn display will bring anyone’s dreams to life!

2. Balloons Galore

This is the perfect display for those who want an impressive feature without taking up too much space. It doesn’t take up much of the room, yet it is still a beautiful addition to any party.

3. Fantasyland

An outdoor party always adds so much to the atmosphere, especially with a blue sky. Turn your yard or porch into a fantasyland with pastel balloons, mini unicorns and an ice cream cart.

4. Sparkling Birthday

Add some sparkle to your unicorn party with a sparkling backdrop. Simple and easy, yet it creates a stunning vibe!

5. Rainbow Dreams

Use a few backdrops to create this wonderful unicorn display to showcase delicious desserts, baked food and of course, a unicorn-themed cake.

6. Budget-Friendly Inspo

Not all parties need to break the bank, and this cute buffet table is perfect for those who are budget-conscious. The effect is stunning and the best part is that you can do it all yourself. Hang up unicorn party banners on the wall, and using matching colors create a table curtain. Hang a unicorn piece of art on the wall to tie it all together.

7. Magical Magic

Set up a magical entrance to your party with a candy cart and balloon garland. Use pastel colors of the rainbow to copy this stunning party decor.

8. Tepees and Pillows

Tepee’s are a popular and easy way to upgrade any party. It gives the party a chilled, relaxed vibe and let’s be honest, they’re super fun to hang around in!

9. Enchanted Forest

Go all out with these life-sized unicorns that look real! Decorate the room as an enchanted forest with greenery on the floor and lots of pink flowers.

10. Magical Wonderland

Create a magical lilac-themed unicorn party. Have a balloon backdrop and decorate the table with lilac and pink flowers.

11. Picnic Fantasy

Suitable for older girls’ parties, this picnic fantasy brings fun and elegance together. Instead of the classical pastel colors, opt for brighter and deeper ones for an original take on unicorn parties.

12. Where Dreams Are Made

This dreamy table decor is easy to recreate. Simply use unicorn paperware, along with matching colored flowers and unicorn cookies and cupcakes.

13. Jump & Play

A jumping castle is great for children under 6, it can keep them busy for hours, and you barely need any other entertainment. Add unicorn decorations and colored balloons to keep it in the unicorn theme.

14. Colorful Garden Party

A unicorn party is only for little children. Upgrade the look by creating a garden party with pastel flowers, tableware and chairs.

15. Pink and Purple Dreams

Instead of the traditional pastel colors, opt for something more original. In this case, it’s pink and purple, and it looks beautiful!

16. Princess Vibes

Give your unicorn party a princess vibe, with bright shades of pink, plenty of taffeta and roses for flowers.

17. Mythical Balloons

Create a stunning balloon arch on top of the table featuring pastel-colored and unicorn-themed balloons. Add some to the table for the table decor. Finish off by setting the table with unicorn-themed plates, cups, and napkins.

18. Pastel Rainbows

Set up an impressive backdrop with a large unicorn poster, pastel-colored arches and plenty of balloons for a wow statement. Place unicorn party favors on everyone’s chair.

19. Unicorn Tea Party

If you have floral wallpaper, match the colors of the party to the wallpaper for an amazing effect! This unicorn tea party is super cute and everything tones in beautifully.

20. Cute Tepee Party

Make a unicorn pajama party and put up little tepee’s with fun pillows and banners. Kids love pajama parties and when it looks as adorable as this one, who can resist?!

21. Enchanted Celebration

Bring a smile to your little one’s face with this easy DIY unicorn party. Decorate with balloons, a faux grass wall, and unicorn-colored taffeta on the chairs.

22. Boho Chic

Unicorn parties aren’t only for little children. Upgrade the look for teenagers, by adding boho feathered centerpieces, a lit-up neon sign and elegant pastel balloons.

23. Unicorn Extravaganza

For an extravagant event, go all out with a stunning unicorn-themed entrance with a unicorn arch and balloon arches in the garden. Ideal for a birthday party, but would also make a beautiful baby shower!

24. Floral Fantasy

Combine class with unicorns by having a flower arch display along with unicorns next to it. Use a glittery pink tablecloth for extra sparkle.

25. Blue, Purple & Pink Fairytale

Fit for a princess, this party decor will transform your little guests into a fairytale! Use unicorn backdrops, pink food stands and lots of balloons to get the effect.

My Thoughts

When it comes to party themes for kids, there’s no shortage of ideas, but there’s something special about unicorn ones! From the magical colors, to the fairytale feel, it’s easy to be transported into another world. I love how it’s suitable for all ages, and you can create classy and elegant parties as well as kid-like cute ones!

Sarah xx

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