18 Fun Unicorn Party Game Ideas For All Budgets
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18 Fun Unicorn Party Game Ideas For All Budgets

No party is complete without some fun games and activities. Unicorn-themed parties are all the rage right now, and what better way to keep the magic alive than with some fantastic unicorn party games?

Whether you’re on a tight budget or ready to splurge, there’s a unicorn game here for everyone. Follow on with these stunning unicorn-themed party decor ideas.

1. Unicorn Toss Game

Unicorn Toss Game

If you’re having a mixed-age group at your party, a unicorn toss game is a great choice because of the different heights at which you can throw the beanbag. The lower one’s for the little kids and the higher one’s for the older kids.

2. Unicorn Party Giant Coloring Poster

Unicorn Party Giant Coloring Poster

Stick a giant poster onto a table for the kids to all color together making a beautiful unicorn poster. This is an excellent idea if you’re having a coloring station with other coloring options too.

3. Inflatable Unicorn Ring Toss

Inflatable Unicorn Ring Toss

Set up an inflatable unicorn and let the kids see who can get the rings on the unicorn. For older kids, use smaller rings for a more challenging time. There’s a similar game in our pirate game ideas which was a big hit!

4. Unicorn Mask Rainbow Scratch

Unicorn Mask Rainbow Scratch

Let the kids decorate their own unicorn masks with these cute rainbow scratch masks. My only tip is to lay it out outside, or place a tablecloth under the masks because scratch cards leave a big mess!

5. Pin The Horn On The Unicorn

Pin The Horn On The Unicorn

It’s a classic party game with a magical twist! Blindfold the kids and let them attempt to pin the horn on the unicorn.

6. Unicorn Pinata

Unicorn Pinata

Fill a unicorn piñata with candies and treats, and let the children take turns trying to break it open. I love pinatas because they’re not only a game, providing entertainment, but they also add so much to the decor!

7. Unicorn Bingo

Unicorn Bingo

Bingo is always a fun game to play. Buy unicorn-themed ones featuring rainbows, crowns, balloons and plenty of sparkles. It’s a great game for a party because you can play multiple rounds keeping the kids entertained for a while!

8. Bouncy Castle

Bouncy Castle

If you’re looking for a more extravagant party game, this unicorn bouncy castle is for you! A little on the pricier side, but it’s absolutely adorable and will add so much fun to a unicorn party. A bouncy castle keeps kids entertained for hours, you won’t need many more activities and games.

9. Magic Sand Art Glitter Activity 

Magic Sand Art Glitter Activity 

Another fun activity is magic sand art. This cute set comes with 5 bright glitter-colored sand, along with different-shaped containers. What’s more, is that it glows in the dark for an extra wow factor!

10. Unicorn Claw Machine

Unicorn Claw Machine

Kids love claw machines, we’ve never managed to walk past one without one of my kids subtly asking if they can play it. Spoil the kids at your party with a unicorn claw machine that gives everyone their own soft toy and a fun turn using the machine.

11. Unicorn Coloring Books

Unicorn Coloring Books

Little girls love unicorns and love coloring, put them together with unicorn coloring books! Step up the game with a coloring station filled with unicorn coloring options and markers, crayons and stickers.

12. Make Your Own Hair Unicorn Magnet

Make Your Own Hair Unicorn Magnet

This is a lovely activity for a party because it incorporates different skills and talents. First, you paint the unicorn and then you sew on the hair. Once finished, you have a cute unicorn magnet which you made yourself!

13. Who Knows The Birthday Girl Best Game

Who Knows The Birthday Girl Best Game

If you’re looking for a funny game that gets everyone laughing, a ‘who knows the birthday girl best’ will do the trick. These games often end up with plenty of laughter at the answers that people come up with!

14. Unicorn Temporary Tattoos

Unicorn Temporary Tattoos

For a cheaper alternative to face painting where you often need to pay the artist, opt for these super cute temporary tattoos which are easy to use and look adorable!

15. What is Your Unicorn Name?

What is Your Unicorn Name?

This is a great way to add some fun to any party. When the girls arrive at the party, let them figure out their unicorn name. Everyone should announce their unicorn name, and throughout the party, that’s the only name they’re allowed to be called. Any player who will call the other player by his or her real name will lose. Only the person who keeps calling the other person by their unicorn name throughout the party will be the winner.

16. Unicorn Dart Board

Unicorn Dart Board

A unicorn dart board is a cute and affordable game for parties, it’s great fun and keeps kids busy for hours, especially those competitive ones!

17. Unicorn Galaxy Slime

Unicorn Galaxy Slime

Kids love slime, don’t ask me why, but they do! And if you’re already buying slime, you may as well buy these beautiful pink, purple and blue colored ones! You can give them as an activity, as prizes or in the party favors.

18. DIY Unicorn Paper Crown

DIY Unicorn Paper Crown

For younger kids, these unicorn crowns are a perfect activity to keep them busy. They get to color them in and then wear them!

My Thoughts

A party only needs three or four activities or games to keep kids entertained. These 18 unicorn game ideas feature games for every budget and every age so I hope you’ve found the right games for your party! Check out more party theme ideas for kids here.

Sarah xx

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