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My kids love parties, but for a long time, I found them extremely overwhelming, from the planning to hosting so many children and adults in my house at one time. Something wasn’t working and the idea of making a party filled me with anxiety.

That was until I realised if I planned the party properly, down to the little details, perhaps it wouldn’t be so overwhelming. So off I went and made a party checklist for the next party. Let me tell you, the experience was completely different! Having everything written down, cleared all the fog from my brain. Making a party is all about the organization and once you’ve got that sorted, you’ve done most of the hard work.

I’ve been using this party checklist for quite a few years now, and my friends and family love it too. I’ve upgraded my Word document to something a lot prettier to share with you, my readers (obviously, the printable doesn’t have a watermark like in the image below!)! Take the stress out of parties with this checklist!

kids party checklist

Why You Need A Kids Party Checklist

If you have children, chances are you will be making more than one party. A checklist is an easy way to stay on top of all the little details that can sometimes be overlooked. Instead of writing a bunch of notes on your phone, which tends not to be too orderly, download this free printable for the easy way to make a kids’ party. Print it out and check off each task once it’s done.

Not only does a checklist help keep brain fog away, but it also helps the party run smoothly. When you’ve thought of everything, there’s little that can go wrong.

The checklist comes with 22 tasks along with a section for you to write notes. I’ve also left 2 blank lines, in case you have any other requirements for your party that you need to organize.

free party checklist

How To Get This Free Kids Party Printable Checklist

This printable is only the first of many printables to come so stay tuned for more! Just click to request the printables below, enter your email address, and follow the instructions sent to you via email. 

Once you request ONE of them, you will have access to all of them in my FREE PRINTABLES LIBRARY FOR SUBSCRIBERS. 

You do NOT need to request each one individually. Just look for each one in the FREE PRINTABLES LIBRARY using the password in your welcome email. 


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