20 Easy Tips for Planning a Stress Free Kids Party
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20 Easy Tips for Planning a Stress-Free Kids’ Party

If you’ve ever had a kids’ party before you’ll know that there can be a lot of stress involved. Hosting so many children can get hectic and out of control quickly so planning is the key. From making sure you have enough entertainment and food to controlling tears and keeping everyone safe is a few of the details you need to think about.

Unfortunately, I had to learn the hard way, from one too many parties that were far too stressful. But, truthfully, with a little extra planning, things could have been much more smooth-sailing.

After a couple of parties that I never want to repeat, I put together these fool-proof tips to ensure my next party would be a different experience. And, it was! It was great fun for everyone, including the adults! Follow these easy tips for your next stress-free kids’ party!

1. Detailed Planning

Plan, plan and plan some more. You can never be too organized for a children’s party! Give yourself enough time to plan, and plan all aspects of the party, including the party theme, activities, decorations, and food. Create a checklist to ensure nothing is overlooked.

2. Clear Invitations

Clearly state the date, time, location, and any special instructions (like dress code or items to bring) in the invitations. Use easily readable fonts and colors, once the party is over, you want to make sure that everyone knows the time to leave!

3. RSVP System

Include an RSVP option in the invitations to get an accurate count of attendees. This helps with planning food, seating, party favors and activities.

4. Backup Plan for Weather

If you’re planning on having an outdoor party, have a backup plan for an indoor venue or a rain date in case of bad weather.

5. Helpers and Volunteers

One of the most important tips for a stress-free kids’ party is to have enough helping hands. Enlist friends, family, or hired assistants to help with the party. This is even more important for younger children as younger kids always need more help.

6. Serve Easy Food

serve easy food

Whether you are getting the event catered for or you are preparing the food yourself, opt for easy food that has minimal cleanup. Finger food is a great option and there are loads that you can prepare in advance and freeze. There’s no reason to leave everything to the last minute! If you’re doing a mid-afternoon party, you can even get away with only serving snacks.

7. First Aid Kit

Have a basic first aid kit with bandages, antiseptic, and any necessary medications on hand. Cuts and grazes happen frequently with children, being prepared is the key!

8. Seating Arrangements

Plan seating arrangements for the children. If you’ve invited the parents too, make sure to have a comfortable area for the adults to sit. Put some refreshments nearby for easy snacking.

9. Entertainment for Waiting Periods

craft idea

One of the best ways to keep the kids under control is to keep them busy so plan for entertainment during potential waiting periods, such as before the main activities start. This could include games, small craft activities, or music.

10. Good Communication

Make sure to communicate with parents before the party to gather any special instructions, allergies, or concerns. Provide clear information on what to expect during the party.

11. Capture the Moments

Assign someone to capture cute moments and key events during the party. Having the memories to look back on is something always cherished. If you have time to print photos, send them home with the kids!

12. Organized Activities

Have a well-organized schedule with a mix of activities to cater to different interests and energy levels. Ensure smooth transitions between activities.

13. Themed Decorations

Choose a theme for the party and decorate accordingly. Themed decorations add so much and create a fun atmosphere.

14. Delegate Responsibilities

Assign specific responsibilities to different individuals, such as overseeing the games, managing the food table, or handling the music. Do all the delegating before the party so there’s less organization to do during the party.

15. Test Equipment in Advance

If using electronic equipment, test it in advance to avoid technical issues during the party.

16. Parking Arrangements

If applicable, provide clear instructions for parking to avoid congestion and make it easy for guests to find a parking spot. If you have parking restrictions where you live, inform the parents beforehand where they can park their car.

17. Smooth Departure Plan

Plan a clear and organized end-of-party plan. Whether it’s distributing party favors or organizing a simple closing activity, this helps avoid chaos. If the party is during the winter, have someone helping with the coats to make sure everyone takes home the correct one.

18. Thank-You Notes

Plan to send thank-you notes or messages after the party, this can be as simple as a WhatsApp on the class group or an email.

19. Emergency Contact Information

Keep a list of emergency contacts readily available, including contact numbers for parents and any medical information for the children.

20. Arrange Cleaning Help

This tip is only for those having a party at home. After the last party I had, one of the best things I arranged was cleaning help for right after the party. I was exhausted after hosting 25 children in my house and the last thing I wanted to face was the clean up. And I didn’t have to, my cleaner arrived as the last guest was leaving and within 2 hours, my house was as good as new! It was worth every extra penny.

My Thoughts

While a kids’ party can most definitely be stressful and hectic, with the right planning it doesn’t need to be so. Use these 20 easy tips to help you plan your party so that everyone can enjoy it, including yourself!

Sarah xx

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