20 Easy Party Finger Food Ideas That Everyone Will Love

20 Easy Party Finger Food Ideas That Everyone Will Love

The way to every woman’s heart is through her stomach. And I think the same can be said for men! There’s no better way to organize a good party than by having delicious, tasty food that also looks appealing. After all, half the taste in food goes to how it looks.

Instead of the regular food that’s served at parties, go for a classy and in my opinion, more fun option- finger food! While using your fingers doesn’t sound very classy, when it’s done right, it most definitely is!

I’ve rounded up some of the best party finger food ideas! They all have the delicious factor in common, with something for all ages.

1. Turkey Cream Cheese Pinwheels


Pinwheels are an easy, yet creative way to display tasty food in an artisan way. There are so many different varieties of pinwheels that you can come up with!

My smoked turkey and cream cheese pinwheels are delicious and the best part is, they’re so easy to make.

You don’t need to be a pro in the kitchen to pull off these pinwheels, in fact, get your little ones or husband in on the job. They’re hard to mess up and they’re perfect for any occasion, be it a kids’ party or even an engagement party. See more pinwheel recipes at our Easter Appetizer Ideas.

2. Salted Beer Pretzel Bites

For a more fun take on finger food, opt for this cute sausage in pastry, but with a twist. Instead of the classic sausage and pastry, up your game and dip each crescent into boiled beer!

Perfect for a kids’ party as well as an adult one, it’s the perfect way to upgrade a classical recipe for something a bit more special. Your guests will love it! Check out Pillsbury Kitchens for the full recipe.

3. Baked Mini Potatoes

Baked Mini Potatoes

As someone who absolutely loves a good jacket potato, these baked mini potatoes are everything! To be honest, it’s embarrassing I have never thought of it myself!

The fun thing with jacket potatoes is that you have so many different options to fill them with. My personal favorites are sour cream, cheese, mushroom and cream sauce, tomato sauce, and the list can go on… Do I come across as a foodie?!

For your party, you can fill them beforehand or leave small bowls on the side for your guests to fill them themselves. Check out Kristina from Tasty Oven to learn how to ace these mini-baked potatoes at your next event!

4. Cucumber Tea Sandwiches

Cucumber Tea Sandwiches are ideal for an afternoon tea-time party! Having a tea party-themed event? These sandwiches will steal the show!

Easy to do, only with a little more precise putting together, but the results are worth the extra perfectionism. It’s the folded cucumber on top that wins it for me! Read the full tips at Oh How Civilized.

5. Garlic Knots

Worried your party may not be a success? There’s nothing that will put everyone at ease more than some delicious garlic knots! Looking at them alone is making my mouth water!

Check out how Amanda expertly puts them together. They’re ideal for any party, rain or shine!

6. Tortellini Party Snacks

For the one who loves to impress! These Tortellini Party Snacks look really impressive and difficult, but let me tell you, they are as easy as a pie!

They do have a few more steps than some of the other finger food ideas here, but if you’re looking to impress that ex of yours, you need these! Kidding aside, these are great for all parties although unnecessary to go that extra mile for a kids’ party, where they probably won’t appreciate it anyway!

Confetti & Bliss know just how to go about it, along with the perfect presentation!

7. Deviled Strawberries

Deviled Strawberries

Easy? Yes. Quick? Yes. Delicious? Yes.

That’s really all you need to know about these deviled strawberries because it doesn’t really get more delicious than strawberries and cream!

It’s the ideal finger food if you’re hosting a tennis party. You know, Wimbolden and the strawberries and cream. Only they could learn a tip or two from the presentation here! Lilly has all the tips you need to get it right.

8. Spaghetti and Italian Meatballs


I’ve tried the meatball and stick appetizer, which went smashingly well if I dare say so myself. I’ve never tried it with mini spaghetti nests. Perfect for the holidays or an adult party, these don’t only look pretty but also taste fabulous.

There are quite a few steps in the cooking process, but don’t you think it’s worth it?! And if you’re anyway in the kitchen all day like me, what’s another step?!

Read all the tips and tricks at Pretty Providence where they are cooking pros.

9. Chicken and Waffles

Similar to the meatball idea, these chicken and waffle bites are also stacked together for an impressive look and taste! Serve up some ranch or spicy sauce on the side for your guests to drizzle some on. Use a mini waffle maker to make these adorable waffles!

10. 3-Ingredient Mini Queso Cheese Balls

3-Ingredient Mini Queso Cheese Balls

These cheese balls are guilty of serious cheating. They’re super easy to pull together with only 3 ingredients, yet look AMAZING and taste it too!

Play around with the toppings for a colorful and vibrant look. Get the recipe at The Comfort Of Cooking where you’ll get all the tips too.

11. Miniature Avocado Toasts

Avocado on toast is still a huge trend and I don’t predict it will end anytime soon. For the simple reason that it’s delicious! I can’t get enough of it, and it seems I’m not alone!

Serving mini ones at a party is a genius idea, my only tip is to make loads of extra because these things disappear on their own!

Read up on the full recipe at Pizzazzerie along with original topping ideas.

12. Easy Jalapeño Popper Bites

For the friend who has a spicy tooth! (Is that even a thing?) These Jalapeño bites look complicated, but actually are rather simple.

That’s the trick to hosting well, serving food that looks complicated but that’s really easy to do. These bites are also a healthy-ish option because they’re baked, not fried, as you would expect.

They make a delicious appetizer and are versatile too! Check the full recipe here.

13. Antipasti Bites

Here’s another recipe that’s super easy and you’ll have your guests swooning over them! Perfect for all adult parties, especially over the holidays when we all like to go a bit out and original with ideas.

Get the full recipe at Family Fresh Meals.

14. Cranberry Brie Bites

Cranberry Brie Bites

These Cranberry Bites scream Christmas and the holidays, but you can really make them any time of the year, because who in their right mind will say no to these delicacies? If you are making these for the holidays, check out these gorgeous Christmas tablescape ideas!

Sweet and tangy, yet also salty from the cheese, these bite-sized finger foods are party-ready! Check Yellow Bliss Road for all the tips and tricks to getting it right.

15. Salami and Cheese Skewers

For an easy and quick appetizer, opt for these cute cheese and salami stacks. They’re bursting with flavor and are just the right size so that they’re not overwhelming!

16. Mini Bacon Ranch Cheese Balls

Here’s another cheeseball recipe, only with a different twist. Dip the cheese balls into a mixture of bacon and parsley for a flavorful taste. For more originality use a pretzel stick instead of a skewer or toothpick.

Not only will the adults love this, but the kids will too!

17. Cucumber Bites Appetizers

Cucumber Bites Appetizers

Looking for appetizers that will stand out? This combination of green and red will do exactly that. But they’re not only pretty to look at, they’re delicious to eat and perfect for a budget-friendly party!

18. Ladybug Caprese Appetizer

Ladybug Caprese Appetizer

These ladybug appetizers are ideal for a bug-themed party, and even if it sounds less appetizing to you, kids will love them! Want your kids to eat more vegetables? Turn the veggies into pretty visuals. They fall for it every time!

But, back to our party, these are cute and original and most importantly, not too time-consuming. Check out Salty Side Dish on how to pull them off.

19. Cheese Ball Bites

Clearly, my obsession with cheese is becoming obvious! Yes, I’m a self-confessed cheese addict, but that’s not to say each of these recipes didn’t make it here on their own accord. They’re all different, original and most of all tasty!

20. Mini Cheeseburger Skewers

Mini Cheeseburger Skewers

I’m not sure if these skewers technically qualify as finger foods, but I simply couldn’t leave it out. You can definitely serve them as an appetizer and they are simply adorable!

In just a bit or two, you get the full flavor of a burger and the vegetables without any of the usual mess. Don’t you think all burgers should be this size?!

Read the full recipe and tips at Southern Discourse.

My Thoughts

Easy party finger food ideas are a great option for your next party when you’re looking to wow the crowd. In all honesty, you don’t even need a main course, because many of these options are mains in mini!

From savory to sweet and kids to adults, there’s an appetizer for every age and taste! You can use them at a kid’s party, adult party, 4th of July Celebration, Graduation party and more!

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