26 Easy Graduation Food Ideas to Celebrate in Style

26 Easy Graduation Food Ideas to Celebrate in Style

Whether you’re bidding farewell to high school, college, or grad school, one thing’s for sure – it’s time to celebrate! Graduation season is upon us, and after years of hard work and burning the midnight oil, you deserve a party to remember!

But after all your hard work, who wants to stand in the kitchen for hours cooking and baking? That’s why you need these easy, delicious and fun food ideas that won’t take too much time to put together.

A graduation party is all about celebrating and having fun, that’s why these food ideas are all about fun and delicious food! They’re made for easy eating, with grab-and-go options that are ideal for the younger crowd.

From appetizers to mains and dessert ideas, you’ll find everything you need to throw a fabulous party that won’t break the budget. With plenty of finger food ideas, get ready for a perfect graduation bash.

1. Party Pinwheels

Pinwheels are a top choice for entertaining, and it’s no mystery why—they’re incredibly easy to whip up, and look delicious and are easy to eat in a crowd. You can fill them with any food of your choice, these delicious pinwheels are filled with cream cheese and vegetables. Using a colorful filling makes the pinwheels look a whole lot fancier!

2. Sticky Honey Chicken Wings

Spice up your graduation party with succulent chicken wings, guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser! These crispy and juicy delights can be served tangy, sweet, or spicy, there’s a wing flavor for everyone, making them the perfect addition to any graduation bash. These honey chicken wings are delicious and easy to make in advance.

3. Mozzarella Sticks 

These golden-brown delights are crispy on the outside and oozing with melted cheese on the inside, creating the perfect bite-sized snack for your guests to enjoy.

Serve the mozzarella sticks with a side of marinara sauce for dipping, or get creative with other dipping options like creamy ranch or zesty garlic aioli. With their irresistible flavor and satisfying crunch, mozzarella sticks are a great and popular addition to any party!

4. Charcuterie Cups

Charcuterie boards, commonly known as food boards are all the rage at the moment. Opt for an even more original idea with these adorable Charcuterie Cups. You can get the cups here, and use skewers to arrange the food neatly in the cup. The sky’s the limit when it comes to the food you can use, but I love the meat, cheese and vegetable idea.

5. Five Layer Dip Cups

Layer dip cups, don’t only look amazing, but they’re also a perfect way to showcase delicious food. Fill the cup with guacamole, sour cream, bean dip, cheese salsa and a tortilla chip. Get the recipe here.

6. Easy Cheese Straws

Cheese straws are a great food for a party because you can make them in advance, and they are super quick and easy to put together. Serve them as an appetizer or mains, all you need is some puff pastry, cheese and spices.

7. Italian Sub Pinwheels

Italian Sub Pinwheels

Elevate the classic pinwheel experience by baking them and serving them warm. These pinwheels have an Italian spin and are made with pizza dough, mozzarella cheese, salami and herbs. Easy and quick to make!

8. Watermelon, Feta & Basil Sticks

For an elegant touch, choose square-shaped food, which always exudes sophistication. Keep it simple with ingredients like refreshing watermelon and savory cheese, cutting them into squares and threading them onto skewers for an effortlessly chic presentation.

9. Walking Tacos

One of my go-to crowd-pleasers, especially for my kids, is walking tacos, and I believe it’s a fantastic option for the graduation crowd as well! Open a bag of Doritos and fill it with your favorite taco fillings, like meat, guacamole, salsa and cheese. It’s fun and won’t get in the way of any partying!

10. Colorful Sandwiches

Hosting a graduation party during the afternoon? Add a tea party touch to it with a colorful array of sandwiches. They’re easy to put together, taste amazing, look absolutely fabulous on the table and are a great budget-friendly option!

11. Cheese, Tomato & Pesto Puff Canapes

Canapes are an easy way to make an impression at a party. These cheese, tomato and pesto canapes are really easy to make using puff pasty and you’ve got to admit, they look amazing!

12. Croissant Sandwiches

Croissant sandwiches are a delightful twist on the classic finger food. These buttery, flaky pastries serve as the perfect vessel for an array of savory fillings, from tender roast turkey and creamy avocado to flavorful pastrami and gooey cheese. To add a touch of elegance to your spread, add tomatoes as toppings and use a skewer to keep everything in place.

13. French Dip Sliders

Craving a crowd-pleasing delight that’s irresistibly moreish? Search no further than these delectable French dip sliders. Crafted with tender deli meat, melted cheese, and caramelized onions, they’re a breeze to whip up and can be prepared in advance for stress-free party planning. These mini sandwiches pack big flavor, making them the perfect addition to any graduation bash or game night. See the full recipe.

14. Bruschetta With Marinated Tomatoes & Balsamic Vinegar

One of my favorite ways to impress a crowd when I’m feeling lazy is to serve up some bruschetta on a board and it instantly looks fancy. There are loads of ways to serve bruschetta but the classical tomato salad is always the winner for me!

15. Bite-Size French Toast

Elevate your graduation brunch or tea party with a unique and stylish twist on French toast: serve shot glasses filled with maple syrup alongside delicate slices of French toast. Easy, stylish and won’t break the bank!

16. Chicken & Waffle Bites

Get ready to wow your guests with these adorable and tasty Chicken & Waffle Bites! Pair crispy chicken nuggets with fluffy mini waffles for an all-in-one delicious bite. It’s like the best of both worlds on a toothpick. These are a great appetizer or mains for any party, including a graduation one!

17. Smashed Potato Pizza Bites

Take a fun twist on mini pizzas and create a more mature version that’s suitable for graduates with crispy smashed potatoes! Load them with cheese, marinara sauce, and your favorite pizza toppings.

18. Berries & Cream Parfaits

Continuing the easy-to-make and easy-to-easy theme, these Berry & Cream Parfaits are the perfect choice to add to your dessert table. You need to bake an easy cake and then fill the cups with the deconstructed cake, berries and cream!

19. Chocolate Lotus Biscoff Brownies

Easy Chocolate Lotus Biscoff Brownies

One of my most popular recipes is this Chocolate Lotus Biscoff Brownie. Whenever I make it for a crowd, I’m bombarded with requests for the recipe. The best part? They’re incredibly easy to whip up, and you don’t even need a mixer! With a crispy exterior and a soft, gooey interior, these brownies are simply irresistible. Get my brownie recipe here.

20. Sweet & Salty Honey-Almond Butter Chocolate Pretzels

These chocolate pretzels are perfect if you’re hosting vegan friends. They’re 100% vegan, have only 5 ingredients and take 10 minutes to make. Lay them out on your dessert table to impress! Get the recipe here.

21. Chocolate Bark

There are no rules to the chocolate bark game. Simply melt chocolate and put whichever toppings you want. For a crowd of adults, I opt for nuts and craisins, and for a younger crowd, I opt for marshmallows, smarties or even jellies! the sky is the limit when it comes to the toppings you can try.

22. Oreo Caramel Cups

These Oreo Caramel Cups are deceiving, they look like they’re hard work to make when in reality they’re super easy- my kind of dessert! Get the full recipe here.

23. Fruit Galette

Fruit Galettes might seem a bit complex, but here’s a handy trick, opt for a store-bought pastry crust and fill it with your favorite fruits. Trust me, the outcome is totally worth it! The vibrant colors of the fruit will instantly elevate your dessert table.

24. Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies


You can never go wrong with delicious soft and gooey chocolate chip cookies. When I make these, they are gone as they come out of the oven. Easy to make and simply divine in taste, you cannot go wrong with these chocolate chip cookies for your graduation party. Get the recipe here.

25. Apple Pie Bars

Another winner for an easy dessert recipe is these apple pie bars. They’re a breeze to whip up and even easier to enjoy. These bars will be a standout addition to your dessert spread, and bonus—they’re halfway healthy! Get the recipe here.

26. Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Chocolate-coated strawberries are a favorite around here and I’m sure we’re not alone with that. Dip the end of the strawberries into melted chocolate. For an even more effective look, add crushed nuts, coconut, cookie crumbs or sprinkles. Easy and cute!

My Thoughts

Whether you’re throwing a backyard barbecue, a classy brunch, or an all-out bash, these fuss-free recipes are sure to be a hit with your guests.

From mouthwatering sliders to crispy potato bites and everything in between, your celebration is bound to be a delicious success. Enjoy whipping up these tasty treats, raise a glass (or a plate), and toast to the graduate in style. Congratulations, and let the fun begin!

Sarah xx

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