Elegant Tea Party Table Settings Ideas For the Garden

Elegant Tea Party Table Settings Ideas For the Garden

Tea parties are a fun way to celebrate special occasions or enjoy quality time with friends and family. And what better place to host a tea party than in your garden, surrounded by nature and beautiful scenery?

Whether you’re planning a formal event or a casual get-together, setting up an elegant tea party table is essential to creating the right atmosphere.

I’ve put together some of the most beautiful and elegant ideas for tea party table settings in the garden so that you can create a magical experience for your guests.

There’s an elegant tea party idea for every style and every budget!

1. Vintage Tea Party Decor

A vintage tea party is a classic theme that never goes out of style. To set the tone, use vintage plates and teacups and if you can, source matching candlesticks!

For a touch of glamour, add some crystal glasses and a vintage vase filled with fresh flowers as a centerpiece. Use a pastel color palette like pale pink for your vintage plates and bowls.

You can also go with a lavender or mint green color palette, to create a soft and romantic ambiance.

2. Floral Blue Table Decorations

Inspired by an Asian monochromatic blue and white design called Chinoiserie, this tablescape is extremely popular!

People can’t get enough of the blue and white patterned tableware and against a green backdrop, it does look stunning! Pair the classical vases with the traditional Chinese-style building for table decor.

3. Glamorous In Pink

If you want to go all out with your tea party, this glamorous table setting is ideal for you! That’s providing you like the color pink;)

Truthfully, this idea can be used for a wedding, it’s that fancy! If you want to tone it down, opt for the tablescape without the umbrellas. But the umbrellas with the trimming of flowers are absolutely gorgeous!

4. Pastel Decor

You don’t need to be a party planner to pull off this pastel table setting! Easy and cost-effective, simply buy mismatched floral cups and saucers, some party favor boxes and pretty pastel flowers! This table decor would be gorgeous for a baby shower theme with all the pastels!

5. Yellow Garden Tea Party

A yellow garden party is ideal for the summer months when the sun is shining! The yellow checked table runner and the plate decor steal the show here. It looks gorgeous, yet it’s not too overwhelming! This table setting has a perfect balance.

Add a rustic vibe to it with some wooden bark centrepieces, paired with mason jars and simple garden flowers.

6. Breathtaking Pastels

If you want to go all out, this glittery, ostentatious backdrop is everything you need! You can choose any color scheme, but the pinks and purples look fabulous! The colors along with the balloons bring a strong unicorn vibe and would make a great unicorn-themed party.

7. Floral Tablescaping

For a classy and elegant garden party, opt for a floral tablescape. Choose a floral tablecloth and keep the plates and chargers simple.

Serve an array of floral teas like chamomile, lavender, rose, jasmine, and hibiscus, along with delicious pastries.

This tea party is perfect for bridal showers, baby showers, or birthdays, but it can also be enjoyed as a relaxing and elegant get-together with friends.

8. Tepee Inspired

Tepees are a great way to enjoy your garden in the summertime. Incorporate a tepee with your tea party and decorate it with your favorite flowers and hanging lights.

While you may need help from a party planner to pull this off, the results are worth the extra effort!

9. Lemon Inspired Tea Party

Lemon-inspired tea parties are perfect for warm-weather gatherings such as spring or summer birthdays, bridal showers, or garden parties.

The bright and zesty flavors of lemon paired with sweet treats and cheerful decor create a truly unique and enjoyable experience for all!

For decor use a lemon-patterned tablecloth along with fresh lemons arranged in bowls or vases.

10. Boho Decor

Boho tea parties are a fun and eclectic way to gather with friends and celebrate a special occasion with delicious tea and bohemian-inspired decor.

Decorate the tea party with natural colors, and use a pop of blue for some boldness. Place comfortable cushions or rugs for your guests to sit on.

For extra fun and glamour, set up a tepee with balloons.

11. Rustic Vibes

For a more rustic feel, opt for a wooden table and mix and match vintage plates and teacups. Use burlap or linen mat as a rug and add some cute cushions for your guests to sit on.

Step up your party game and upgrade the usual rustic flowers for a pastel bouquet of roses, after all, roses are a girl’s best friend!

Scatter vases around the garden to get the party vibe everywhere. For an added touch of whimsy, have a matching tepee for your guests to chill in!

12. Easter Bunny Decor

An Easter-themed garden tea party is a fun and festive way to celebrate the holiday with your loved ones.

Use pastel blues and greens and Easter-themed decor like green moss bunnies to set the mood. To continue the theme, include Easter-themed activities to keep your guests entertained.

You could set up an Easter egg hunt, decorate Easter eggs, or play bunny-themed games like pin the tail on the bunny.

13. Enchanted Fairy

Tea parties aren’t only for adults. This enchanted fairy tea party is perfect for children or even teens!

Easy to recreate and budget-friendly, opt for a plain linen tablecloth and plain plates. Add your own fairy touch with the napkins and wand.

For the centrepieces, use faux greenery and add a glass dome to complete the fairy theme.

14. Fun in the Sun

A smart way to give your guests a memorable experience at your garden tea party is to provide sun hats for everyone.

Choose elegant straw ones to set a classy tone. Keep up with the straw theme and match the tablecloth and decor to the hats.

My Thoughts

Hosting an elegant tea party in your garden can be a delightful experience for you and your guests. With careful attention to table settings, decor, and menu planning, you can create a sophisticated and memorable event.

A tea party is suitable for all ages and occasions, even for a kids’ party because they’re so versatile and fun!

From floral arrangements to delicate tea cups, there are many ways to elevate your outdoor tea party and add a touch of elegance to your garden gathering.

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply enjoying a beautiful day with friends, these tea party table-setting ideas are sure to impress and there’s something for every age and stage here!

Read my tips on how to host the perfect tea party-themed party here!

Sarah xx

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