28 Baby Shower Theme Ideas You'll Love

28 Baby Shower Theme Ideas You’ll Love

Are you preparing to host a baby shower and seeking inspiration for the perfect theme? Look no further! I’ve put together some of the cutest and most unique baby shower theme ideas and decorations for boys and girls.

From a Winter Wonderland theme to a Nautical Theme, there’s something for every style and preference to make the Mommy-to-be feel special!

1. Little Pumpkin

Transform your venue into a cozy fall oasis with orange decor inspired by the harvest season. I’ve included two options because they’re both stunning with slightly different takes. One is outdoors with a rustic charm- ideal for those in warmer climates. The other is more luxurious with a touch of elegance. Both are decorated with pumpkins of all shapes and sizes and fun balloon arrangements.

2. Bun in the Oven

If you’re looking for an original and unique baby shower idea, this bun-in-the-oven idea may be the one for you. Use a kitchen backdrop and table skirt to create the kitchen scene and fill the table with delicious pastries and sweet treats.

3. Nautical Theme Baby Shower

Nautical Theme Baby Shower

Transform your venue into a seaside paradise with blue and white colored decor and a lifebuoy as the centerpiece. Match the food to the theme by serving blue and white food with a touch of rustic colors too.

4. Up Up and Away

Transform your venue into a sky-high paradise with hot air balloon decor, plenty of balloons and cute teddy bears. Hang balloons from the ceiling to mimic the look of floating hot air balloons. It’s an easy gender-netural theme- you can keep the colors neutral, but any color will work beautifully.

5. Animal Theme

An animal themed baby shower is more often than not filled with bright colors which is a lot of fun, but if you want a classier version, this neutral colored animal theme is absolutely stunning! Don’t be afraid to try out something different from the classical bright colors.

6. In Full Bloom

Ideal for spring and summer, an In Full Bloom Baby Shower Theme is all about bringing those blooms to life. Decorate indoors and outdoors with an abundance of flowers to recreate this look.

7. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

A twinkle twinkle little star baby shower theme is both classic and unique. Transform your venue into a starlit wonderland with blue and white decorations. Hang twinkling lights or paper stars on a blue backdrop to create a sky effect. Incorporate metallic gold and silver accents and sprinkle star-shaped confetti across tables for added charm.

8. Winter Wonderland

Transform your venue into a breathtaking winter wonderland with snowflakes galore. Set the tables with glittering white linens and twinkling fairy lights to mimic the sparkle of frost-kissed trees. Enhance the ambiance with elegant silver and blue accents, and sprinkle faux snow or iridescent confetti for an extra touch of magic.

9. Donuts Baby Shower

Donut walls are trending at the moment and it’s easy to see why. Not only are they delicious treats, but they look gorgeous and add so much to any event. Decorate the rest of the table around the coloring and design of the donuts!

10. Prince / Princess Baby Shower

Whether the Mommy-to-be is having a boy or a girl, one thing is certain, it’s worthy of a prince or princess baby shower party. Go all out and celebrate the special pregnancy with a royal bang!

11. About to Pop

A baby shower doesn’t need to be extravagant and expensive. This cute About To Pop theme is proof of that. It’s unique, but more importantly, easy to pull off. Base the food on the pop theme and serve lollipops, popcorn and any other ‘pop’ food you can think of!

12. Boho Chic

A Boho Baby Shower is minimalistic and gorgeous. It’s a decor trend that’s becoming more and more popular. We can’t seem to get enough of this neutral and rustic decor that has an instant calming effect!

13. Teddy Bear

Every baby needs a cuddly teddy bear, so why not opt for a teddy bear-themed baby shower where the baby will be inundated with teddy bears? The color options are entirely up to you, anything works, blue, pink, neutral or any other color you fancy!

14. Ready to Hatch

If you’re looking for a ‘punny’ theme, Ready To Hatch is ideal for you! Decorate the tables with eggs, cupcakes and cookies with chicks on and bird cages. It’s a cute baby shower to make around Easter time, check out these gorgeous Easter-themed appetizer ideas to go with it.

15. Bambi in the Woods

Step into the enchanting world of woodland wonderland with a Bambi Baby Shower that celebrates the timeless charm of this beloved Disney classic. Decorate with rustic wood stands, mossy accents, woodland-colored balloon arrangements and of course, a cutout of Bambi and friends.

16. Love Is In The Air

If you’re due around Valentine’s Day, why not combine the best of both with a Love-themed baby shower? Decorate the room with red and pink hearts, balloons and food! See more Valentine

17. Fall-Themed Baby Shower

A fall-themed baby shower is similar to a pumpkin one, only with less stress on the pumpkin part allowing you to bring in more colors and designs. Add glam with sparkling tablecloths and table decor.

18. Paris Baby Shower

For the woman who loves class, elegance and fashion, make her a Paris-themed statement baby shower. Add French accents, like the Eiffel Tower as centerpieces, French writing as decor and plenty of pastries. Use the classical vintage table and chairs to complete the theme.

19. Winnie The Pooh Baby Shower

Go on a trip to the Hundred Acre Wood with a delightful Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower- a timeless classic that every child needs in their life! Use decor inspired by the charming setting of the Hundred Acre Wood, with rustic wood accents, floral arrangements, and mini Pooh and Tiger characters. Serve honey-themed desserts such as honey cupcakes, honeycomb cookies, and honey-glazed treats that pay homage to Pooh’s favorite snack.

20. Tea Party


You can never go wrong with a beautiful tea party in the garden, especially during spring and summertime. Decorate the table with a floral tablecloth, floral plates and pretty flowers. Serve easy finger foods and sandwiches.

21. Spring In The Air

Spring is a beautiful time to have a baby shower since it’s all about brighter days ahead. You can make it outdoors, or if you live in a rainy climate like me, bring the outdoors in. Opt for a spring color theme, like pretty pastels in pink, yellow and green. Add butterflies and flowers as decoration.

22. Little Lady Bug

Choose a little ladybug baby shower for your little lady who’s on the way. Decorate the table in red black and white. Add a backdrop and balloons for a dramatic effect!

23. Mama-to-Bee

Host the baby shower with a gender reveal party and play on the word ‘bee’, what will the baby bee? Decorate with honeycombs, sunflowers and bees.

24. Butterfly Baby Shower

Transform your venue into a magical garden filled with fluttering butterflies, flowers and balloons. This gorgeous setting is all about lilac, with a pretty lilac cake cart, backdrop, flowers, runner, plates and cushions. You can add more colors and more butterflies, but I think it’s gorgeous and would bring a smile to any pregnant mum-to-be!

25. Botanical Baby Shower

Transform your venue into a paradise with decor inspired by the lushness of botanical gardens, if you live by a river, you can have the added benefit of the water adding to the scenery. Decorate with burlap runners, green arrangements, and potted plants to create an atmosphere of natural beauty and tranquility. Hang botanical garlands or floral wreaths from the ceiling.

26. Tropical Shower

Dreaming of living in Hawaii? Bring Hawaii to you with a tropical-themed baby shower in the garden. Decorate the space with bright yellow, red, blue and green. Add some pineapples, fake parrots, palm trees and deck chairs to transform your guests into the tropics!

27. Magical Unicorn

A unicorn party theme is one of the cutest themes, there’s so many decor options and beautiful colors to incorporate into the party. Match the food to the color scheme and add some magical touches, like gold tablecloths and cake stands.

28. Summertime Fun

A summer party can be so many things, but what it should always feature is lots of flowers, the more the better! Summer is always about bright and sunny days, bring that into your baby shower with lots of bright flowers and decor. Prepare pretty food boards to wow your guests!

My Thoughts

I hope these baby shower ideas have inspired you to put together a fabulous baby shower. No matter which theme you choose, remember to add personal touches to make the baby shower a special occasion for everyone involved, especially the new parents-to-be!

Sarah xx

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