The Best Bridal Shower Games for Fun and Laughter
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The Best Bridal Shower Games for Fun and Laughter

If you’re gearing up for the ultimate celebration before the big day, you’ve landed in the right spot. Bridal showers are all about showering the bride with love, laughter, and, of course, some seriously fun games!

Whether you’re the maid of honor, a bridesmaid, or the guest of honor herself, we’ve got a treasure trove of bridal shower game ideas to make your event unforgettable with lots of laughter and fun! Along with game ideas, I’ve put together the most amazing bridal game printable that you can download to get all the games in one place!

1. Bridal Pictionary

Put artistic skills to the test with Bridal Pictionary. Have the guests take turns drawing wedding-related phrases or scenarios while others guess what they’re illustrating.

2. Song Charades

Let the music take center stage with Love Song Charades. Guests act out classic love songs while others try to guess the tune. From romantic ballads to catchy pop hits, it’s a game that gets everyone going.

3. Would She Rather

Would She Rather

Would She Rather is a cute and entertaining game that puts everyone at the party to the test. Play it at a bridal party and see who really deserves to be the maid of honor! Download the Bridal Game Printable bundle here.

4. Ring Hunt

Ring Hunt

Embark on a scavenger hunt with the Ring Hunt game. Hide faux engagement rings throughout the venue, and challenge guests to find them. The one who discovers the most rings wins! Download the Bridal Game Printable bundle here.

5. Wedding Trivia Quiz

Wedding Trivia Quiz

Test guests’ knowledge of all things matrimonial with a Wedding Trivia Quiz. Get everyone to answer a series of questions covering wedding history, traditions, and superstitions. It’s a fun way to learn fascinating facts having fun! Download the Bridal Game Printable bundle here.

6. Who Knows The Bride Best

Who Knows The Bride Best

7. Love Story Timeline

Celebrate the couple’s journey with a Love Story Timeline activity. Display photos of the bride and groom at various stages of their relationship and ask guests to arrange them in chronological order. Download the Bridal Game Printable bundle here.

8. DIY Veil Making Station

Get crafty with a DIY Veil Making Station. Provide materials such as tulle, ribbons, and embellishments, and let guests create custom veils for the bride. For a more fun version, give everyone a different task for their veil, like vintage, modern, ancient and abstract. Have a competition, whoever gets the most votes, wins!

9. Guess The Dress

Guess the Dress

Put everyone’s artistic talents to use with a fun Guess the Dress game. Give everyone a blank canvas for them to draw how they imagine the bridal dress will look. Download the Bridal Game Printable bundle here.

10. Romantic Movie Marathon

Set up a cozy corner with couches or comfortable chairs for a movie marathon featuring the bride’s favorite films. From timeless classics to modern rom-coms, it’s the perfect way to have a chilled and relaxing bridal party.

11. Whose Memory

Give everyone a blank piece of paper to write a memory of the bride. Put them in a box and get the bride to read them out. Everyone has to guess who the memory belongs to.

12. Bridal Unscramble

bridal unscramble

Challenge guests’ word skills with a Wedding Word Scramble. Create a list of wedding-related terms or phrases and scramble the letters. Set the timer and let the guests race against the clock to unscramble as many words as they can. This brainteasing game will liven up any party! Download the Bridal Game Printable bundle here.

13. Build Your Own Bouquet Station

If your bride is a creative soul, a build-your-own bouquet station is a great idea for an activity at the bridal shower. Supply flowers, greenery, ribbon and flower sleeves for wrapping the flowers in. It’s not only fun to make, but also a beautiful going-home gift.

14. Who’s More Likely To…

Who's More Likely To...

Stir trouble with the game Who’s More Likely To. Give all the guests a printout and have fun choosing who’s the most likely to do the mundane things like cooking, and the more extreme things like getting arrested! Download the Bridal Game Printable bundle here.

15. Love Advice Jar


Hand everyone out little papers on which to write advice and wishes for the newlyweds. Put it all in a jar for the bride to keep. These little slips will be hilarious to look back on many years from now! Download the Bridal Game Printable bundle here.

Final Thoughts

With these bridal shower games, you’re sure to create a fun time for the bride-to-be and the guests too. These classical and unique shower games are sure to keep the spirit and atmosphere fun and light making it a smashing success! Looking for more printables? Check out our free wedding printable here!

Bridal Games Printable Bundle

Included in the bundle are 8 of the games mentioned above. Once you’ve bought the bundle, you can download and print it however many times you want. Put it in a binder for the ultimate organization!

The games included in the bundle are:

  • Would She Rather
  • Ring Hunt
  • Wedding Trivia Quiz
  • Who Knows The Bride Best
  • Guess The Dress
  • Bridal Unscramble
  • Who’s More Likely To…
  • Love Advice Jar

TERMS OF USE: This product is for personal use only. You may not use the files commercially or share, resell, redistribute, recreate, copy or reproduce them for any purpose without written permission.

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