The Cutest Lego-Themed Party Ideas
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The Cutest Lego-Themed Party Ideas

Lego-themed parties are one of the cutest birthday party themes for kids! They’re colorful, creative, and downright adorable. If you’re looking to throw a Lego-themed bash ever, you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve put together some fantastic ideas that will make your party a smashing success. From table decor, to party favors and Lego-themed food, there is something Lego for everyone!

1. Classic Lego Center Table

First up, we’ve got the classic Lego party. With its vibrant primary colors, iconic brick-shaped decorations, and cute Lego-themed food, it’s a timeless theme that never fails to impress all ages. Add a party banner behind with some balloons to complete the look.

2. Black & White Lego Party

Choose a monochrome color scheme for an effective and contrasting party. Ideal for the boy who’s too cool for the classic Lego blocks. Add a personalized Lego banner and decorate it with balloons and Lego figures.

3. Lego Friends Party

A Lego Friends-themed party is the perfect way to celebrate with your besties. Decked out in pastel colors of pink and purple, this party theme is all about friendship, fun, and fabulousness. Decorate the party with balloons, Lego bricks and Lego Friends placemats.

4. Pastel Themed

Choose a classical Lego theme and customize it with the colors of your choice. This cute birthday party is green, pale blue and beige, creating a classy, yet cute effect!

5. Bricks Galore

You don’t need to be creative to put together an impressive Lego party. Lego is so effective that a little decor in bright colors does the job! Make the party around the theme of Lego Bricks, get a backdrop, table skirting and big bricks!

6. Garden Event

If you’re having a party in the spring or summer, take it outdoors with a garden party. Greenery in the garden is ideal for a Lego party, it means you don’t need as much decor!

7. Lego Minecraft Theme

Dig into the pixelated world of Minecraft with a Lego-themed party inspired by the popular video game. Set up the food table in the Minecraft colors of black, green and red and choose the food around the theme. Get your Minecraft table decorations here!

8. Blue, Red & Yellow Color Scheme

Create a wow-effect party by sticking to the primary colors of red, yellow and blue. Choose food that fits into the color scheme, or opt for colorful cupcake holders, as they’ve done here, and fill them with food of your choice.

9. Lego City

Bring the hustle and bustle of the urban landscape to your party with a Lego City-themed celebration! From towering skyscrapers to bustling streets, this theme is perfect for little architects and city planners. Set up a Lego cityscape complete with buildings, vehicles, and mini-figures, a simple way to do that is with a Lego City party banner and tablecloth.

10. Builders in Construction

There can’t be Lego party ideas without a Lego construction party! Get ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work with a Lego Construction-themed party! Put on your hard hats, grab your tools, and join the construction crew With builder hats, Lego bricks, and bulldozers at your disposal, there’s no limit to what you can create. See more construction party ideas here.

11. Lego Cup Favors

An easy and cheap way to make a Lego party favor is to buy ready-made cups with the logo and fill them with colorful goodies. You can opt for food or toys, both will do the trick!

12. The Gift of Bricks

A really simple party favor idea is to fill a see-through box with Lego bricks. Kids can never have enough Lego bricks, so not only is it useful, it’s a really easy party favor to put together!

13. Brick Bags

You can use these adorable brick bags as party favors, or for laying the food out for a pretty presentation as they’ve done in the image. Fill it with toys, popcorn or any other food of your choice.

14. DIY Favor Box

Opt to make your own personalized label that covers the packaging for a fully customized party favor. Bring in the Lego theme with colorful bricks, and use the classical yellow, red and blue colors.

15. Lego Boxes

Another adorable party favor is to make your own lego boxes. For an easier option, you can use these ready-made Lego boxes and fill them with treats.

16. Brick Cookies

For those who love baking, make cookies in the shape of the birthday number and create a Lego texture on top. Lay them out on a flat Lego board to complete the look.

17. Lego Kripsies

Rice krispy treats are not only delicious, but the main reason I love them is that they’re so super-duper easy to make, you can even get your kids to make them. Once you’ve made the kripsies and you’ve let them set, wrap them in fondant and create a Lego shape on top.

18. Lego-Themed Pretzels

Chocolate-dipped pretzels are another really easy snack to make, and super effective on the table! Use food coloring to get the color of your choice, dip the pretzels in and drizzle some extra on top for the texture. You can add mini Lego bricks and figures for an extra special effect!

19. Lego Construction Cake

There are so many adorable Lego cakes that you can create, I’ve chosen a few of the most impressive ones. This construction cake with mini-figures is so cute, I love how it looks like a present being unwrapped by Lego builders!

20. Minifigures Cake

Create a Lego city out of a cake with this original cake idea. Use bright and colorful Lego colors along with mini-figures to complete the look.

21. Brick Cupcakes

For an easier alternative to a cake, opt for cupcakes and decorate them with sprinkles and Lego bricks.

My Thoughts

There are so many adorable and creative themes to choose from for a kid’s party, but Lego comes out as one of the top. With so many ways to decorate and bright and fun colors to choose from, this theme is a breeze to make look awesome, even if you’re not a party-planning pro! Looking for more party ideas? Check out these fun pirate games for a good laugh!

Sarah xx

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