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20 Creative DIY Craft Activity Ideas for a Kids Party

In today’s fast-paced digital world, kids’ parties often revolve around screens and technology. However, there’s something timeless and magical about introducing children to the world of DIY craft activities. Hosting a creative DIY craft-themed party for your kids can not only ignite their imaginations but also provide a hands-on, educational, and fun experience. In this article, I brought you a variety of exciting craft ideas to make your child’s party memorable.

Setting the Stage

Before we dive into the craft ideas, let’s first discuss how to set the stage for a successful DIY craft party.

1. Pick a Theme

Selecting a theme can help streamline your craft activity choices. Popular options include animals, superheroes, and princesses. A theme ties everything together and makes it more exciting for kids.

2. Gathering Supplies

Collect all the necessary supplies well in advance. This will save time and ensure a smooth flow of activities during the party.

3. Age-Appropriate Crafts

Tailor your craft activities to the age group. Simpler activities are suitable for younger kids, while older children can tackle more complex projects.

20 Best DIY Craft Ideas

1. Painted Rocks

Painted Rocks

Painted rocks are an excellent addition to kids’ parties, as they encourage creativity, provide an eco-friendly and budget-friendly activity, and offer screen-free, inclusive entertainment. The painted rocks serve as both memorable keepsakes and educational tools, while their therapeutic benefits and integration into party games make them an ideal choice for children of all ages, fostering a fun and enriching party experience.

2. Tie-Dye T-Shirts

Tie-Dye T-Shirts

Provide plain white T-shirts and a selection of vibrant dyes, and let the children create their wearable masterpieces. Tie-dye t-shirts are a vibrant and hands-on activity for a kid’s party that allows children to unleash their artistic talents and create unique, wearable works of art.

3. Paper Plate Masks

Tie-dye t-shirts are a fantastic way to add a burst of color and creativity to your kids’ party. This hands-on activity encourages self-expression, fosters artistic skills, and results in personalized party favors that everyone will cherish.

Stock up on paper plates, markers, feathers, elastic bands and any other arts and crafts you can think of and let the kids use their imaginations!

4. Beaded Jewelry

Beaded jewelry making is a fun and creative activity that kids of different ages and skill levels can enjoy. Choose the type of jewelry you want the kids to make. You can opt for simple projects like bracelets, necklaces, or earrings, or more complex ones like rings, pendants, or charms.

Gather the materials and tools you need for the party. You will need beads, stringing materials, clasps, hooks, jump rings, and other findings, as well as tools like scissors, pliers, wire cutters, and glue. You can buy these from craft stores, or online shops, or use what you have at home. Set up a comfortable and spacious work area for the kids. You can use a large table, a floor mat, or a tray for each kid and let the kids get creative! 

5. Decorate Cupcakes

Decorate Cupcakes

Let the kids unleash their inner pastry chef by decorating plain cupcakes with icing, sprinkles, and edible decorations. Set up a table with unfrosted cupcakes and an array of colorful toppings, icings, and sprinkles. Give each child pastry bags filled with different colored icing and an assortment of toppings like edible glitter, chocolate chips, gummy candies, and rainbow sprinkles.

6. Scavenger Hunt

Organize a scavenger hunt with a list of items to find or clues leading to hidden treasures. The hunt can be themed around various ideas, from treasure hunts to nature explorations, tailoring the experience to the interests of the children or the party theme.

Start by providing each child or team with a starting clue which will lead them to the first location where they discover the next clue, and so on, until they reach the final destination or uncover all the hidden items. Clues can be riddles, puzzles, or simple directions. A Scavenger Hunt is exciting for all ages and the difficulty level is easily adjustable making it ideal for everyone of all ages and stages!

7. Sock Puppets

Old socks can be transformed into cute puppets using buttons, yarn, and markers. Start with each child selecting a sock as the base for their puppet, then they can get creative by adding facial features like googly eyes, a felt mouth, and a yarn nose. Fabric markers or felt pieces can be used to create unique patterns or clothing for the puppet.

8. Origami


Teach the kids the art of paper folding by making origami animals. Simple creations like paper airplanes, frogs, boats, or cranes are excellent choices for beginners, based on the age group and the theme of the party.

9. Recycled Robots

Recycled Robots

Gather empty boxes, toilet paper rolls, and other recyclables to create imaginative robots. It’s an eco-friendly birthday activity and encourages creativity. Use glue, tape, or other adhesives to attach additional recycled materials to form the robot’s body, arms, legs, and other features, like bottle caps, pipe cleaners and buttons.

It’s a delightful reminder that with a bit of creativity, even discarded items can be transformed into something new and exciting.

10. DIY Slime

DIY Slime

Kids can make slime using a simple recipe. To organize this activity, you’ll need a few basic ingredients: white school glue, liquid starch, and food coloring. You can also add glitter, beads, or other embellishments to enhance the sensory experience.

Give each child a bowl into which they should pour some glue, followed by a few drops of food coloring to give the slime its vibrant hue. As they mix, the glue transforms into a colorful, gooey consistency. The magic happens when they slowly add liquid starch, causing the mixture to thicken and become the stretchy, slimy substance that kids adore.

11. Nature Collage

Take the kids on a nature walk and have them create collages using leaves, twigs, and flowers they collect. To make the collage, provide sturdy paper or cardboard as the base for the collages, along with glue or double-sided tape.

The nature collage activity is flexible and can be adapted to suit various party themes. For example, you can suggest creating a specific scene like a garden, forest, or underwater world, or let the children’s imaginations run wild with abstract arrangements.

12. Friendship Bracelets

Teach the art of making friendship bracelets using colorful embroidery floss. To organize this activity, you’ll need an assortment of colorful embroidery threads, beads, and clasps.

The process begins with each child selecting their preferred colors of embroidery thread. They can then measure and cut the threads to create a bundle for their bracelet. Depending on the age group and skill level, you can introduce different bracelet-making techniques, such as braiding, knotting, or weaving. Beads can be added for extra flair, and clasps can be attached to make the bracelets adjustable and easy to wear.

13. Button Art

To organize this activity, gather a variety of buttons in different shapes, sizes, and colors, along with sturdy paper, glue, and markers for added details. You can give each child a blank canvas, or a picture that they can ‘color in’ with buttons.

14. Pasta Art

Gather a variety of pasta types, including macaroni, penne, fusilli, and any other interesting shapes, along with sturdy paper, glue, and paint. Dye pasta in different colors and shapes, then glue them to paper to create pasta art.

15. Sock Monkeys

Crafting sock monkeys is a whimsical and entertaining kids’ party activity that transforms ordinary socks into adorable stuffed animals, providing both a creative outlet and a cuddly companion. You’ll need pairs of clean, mismatched socks, stuffing material, buttons or safety eyes, yarn, and a needle and thread.

Start by stuffing the socks to create the monkey’s body and head. Once filled, the socks are folded, and a central seam is sewn to shape the body. Children can then add distinct features to their sock monkeys, such as attaching buttons or safety eyes for the face, sewing on a smile, and using yarn to create hair or a tail. Once completed, the sock monkeys become charming party favors or cherished playtime companions.

16. Painted Birdhouses

Crafting painted birdhouses is a delightful and nature-inspired kids’ party activity that combines creativity with a touch of outdoor charm. To organize this activity, you’ll need plain wooden birdhouses, non-toxic paints, paintbrushes, and other craft supplies like stickers, stencils, or glitter for added flair.

Each child should select a wooden birdhouse as their canvas. They can then use the paints and brushes to unleash their creativity, adding vibrant colors and unique designs to the exterior of the birdhouse. Kids can paint scenes, and patterns, or even create their own bird-inspired artwork. Stencils and stickers can be used to add shapes or images, and glitter can provide a sparkling touch.

17. Balloon Animals

Learn the basics of balloon twisting and create fun balloon animals. To organize this activity, you’ll need a supply of colorful balloons, a pump for inflation, and possibly some markers or stickers for adding features to the balloon animals.

There are countless possibilities, some popular and beginner-friendly choices include dogs, cats, rabbits, and giraffes. Children can use the pump to inflate the balloons, and then, with the guidance of a party host or a skilled adult, they can learn basic balloon twisting techniques to shape the balloon into the chosen animal. The kids can add their own personal touches to the balloon animals, whether it’s drawing faces, adding stickers for eyes, or even using multiple balloons to create more intricate designs.

18. Felt Finger Puppets

Kids can design their finger puppets from felt and fabric markers. You’ll need a variety of colorful felt sheets, scissors, glue, and small embellishments like googly eyes, buttons, or fabric markers. Cut out simple shapes to form the body of their finger puppet. They can choose different characters like animals, monsters, or even fantastical creatures.

Using glue, they can attach embellishments such as googly eyes for faces, buttons for noses, or fabric markers to add details. The felt finger puppets can be further personalized with additional accessories like yarn for hair or small pieces of felt for clothing.

19. Color In Pillow Case

Color In Pillow Case

Color in pillowcases is a great activity for a slumber party. To organize this activity, you’ll need plain white pillowcases, fabric markers, and possibly stencils or fabric paint for added design options, or you can order pre-designed pillowcases for the children to color in.

20. Mason Jar Lanterns

Decorate mason jars with paint and add tea lights for charming lanterns. You’ll need clean and empty Mason jars, tissue paper or translucent paint, paintbrushes, and battery-operated tea lights.

Using paintbrushes, the children can apply colorful tissue paper or translucent paint to the outside of the jar, creating vibrant and luminous designs. Once the painted Mason jars are dry, kids can place a battery-operated tea light inside each jar. Turning off the lights will reveal the magical glow emanating from their personalized lanterns, creating a warm and enchanting atmosphere. It’s a really fun activity for an evening party.

My Thoughts

Hosting a creative DIY craft activity for your kids’ party can be an excellent way to provide easy entertainment that keeps the kids busy and stimulated. For a party to work it’s all about keeping the children busy the whole time! Check out some of my easy tips for a smooth-running kids’ party.

Sarah xx

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