Easy DIY Broomstick Snacks for Your Witch or Wizard Party
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Easy DIY Broomstick Snacks for Your Witch or Wizard Party

If you are planning on having a witch or wizard-themed party, a Harry Potter party or a Halloween one, you’ve come to the right place! These adorable DIY broomsticks are easy and fun to make and if I dare say so, they look pretty impressive too!

Prepare them ahead of time to display on your table, or let the kids create their own during the party for a fun activity.

I made these ahead of time with my 9-year-old son for his birthday party. It was a Harry Potter-themed party and the broomsticks were a real hit! Kids love creating things from food and when it’s Harry Potter-related, it’s double the fun!

DIY-Broomstick-for Halloween

DIY Broomstick Ingredients

All you need for these DIY broomsticks is 3 ingredients that are easy to find:


  • Pretzel sticks
  • String cheeses
  • Green onion or candy lace

I chose to use pretzel sticks with sesame for the broom part, I thought it would look cute, and it does! But, I checked first that no one has allergies. If you’re not sure, plain pretzels work just as well.

I opted for candy lace, or string candy because it was for a kid’s party and kids don’t love green onions. They love bright-colored candy! You can also use black candy lace which, in my opinion, would look great too.

DIY Broomstick Ingredients

How To Make DIY Broomstick Snacks Step By Step

how to make DIY-Broomstick snacks
  1. Prepare the Cheese:
    • Cut each string cheese stick into half or thirds, depending on the desired size of the broomstick bristles. I cut them in half.
  2. Make the Broom Bristles:
    • Take each cheese piece and carefully cut the bottom half into thin strips to create the appearance of bristles. Be sure to leave the top part of the cheese piece uncut so it can attach to the pretzel stick. I recommend using a knife to make the thin strips, it creates a cleaner look. However, if children make them, it’s probably safer to make the bristles by hand.
  3. Attach the Pretzel Stick:
    • Insert a pretzel stick into the uncut end of each cheese piece. Push it in gently so it stays securely in place. Make sure you don’t push the pretzel too far or it will show through the cheese bristles.
  4. Secure with Candy:
    • Tie a green onion piece or candy lace around the top of the cheese, right where it meets the pretzel stick. This will help to keep the cheese attached to the pretzel and give it a nice, authentic broomstick look.
  5. Serve:
    • Arrange the edible broomsticks on a platter and serve them immediately, or refrigerate them until you’re ready to serve. They can last a few hours in the fridge, so you can make them ahead of time.
Harry Potter easy diy broomsticks


  • If you want to add a bit of variety, you can use different types of cheese sticks, such as cheddar or pepper jack, for a slightly different flavor.
  • For a sweeter version, you could use licorice sticks for the handle and fruit roll-ups for the bristles, cutting and assembling them in the same way that I’ve done.
DIY Broomstick Snacks for Your Witch or Wizard Party

My Thoughts

Making these DIY broomstick snacks was a ton of fun. My 9-year-old helped me make them, hence the not-so-perfect finish, but it made him so happy it was worth it!

They looked amazing on the table with the rest of the Harry Potter-themed table decorations. It’s a really easy and quick way to upgrade any party, creating the broomsticks was a breeze; it took us just half an hour to assemble around 25 of them.

But, it’s not all about the looks, the kids loved them so much that not a single one was left by the end of the party! Whether you’re hosting a Harry Potter-themed event, a Halloween bash, or a witch or wizardly gathering, these broomsticks are sure to be a hit!

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Sarah xx

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